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IOMAC is the first conference on the subject of Operational Modal Analysis (OMA). The idea of IOMAC is to be the natural meeting place for everybody in the field - the scientist, the applicant, the vendor and the student, and also those who would like to get introduced to the field. IOMAC is a non-profit initiative between the organizers, re-investing possible profits in new conferences, education and literature in the field of operational modal analysis.


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NEXT Online IOMAC Lecture

Future aspects of SHM

Rune Brincker, Guangli Du, Evangelos Katsanos, Sandro Amador.

We will present a philosophical discussion on why and how we can imagine OMA based solutions for structural health monitoring (HSM) to appear in the future. We will consider the status of the SHM marked and practice, and discuss the different automated facilities that needed in order to take full advantage of the OMA based technology. Then we will discuss the concept of white and black swans, white swans being a symbol of normal operation according to our expectations, and black swans being a symbol of un-expected hazardous events and the related problem of immediate damage detection afterwards. Finally, we will discuss the concept of information and why we imagine SHM will be needed in the future.

Key: oma3

Thursday, March 4, 2021 -  17:00

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