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The present guidelines are aimed at providing recommendations for planning and execution of OMA tests, and for data processing aimed at the estimation of modal properties of civil structures from measurements of their vibration response only.


The present guidelines are focused on OMA of civil engineering structures. The guidelines provide general recommendations for test planning and execution, criteria for the selection, maintenance, and installation of measurement equipment, for data pretreatment, processing and validation. Moreover, an overview of possible post-processing is given including, among the others, Finite Element (FE) model updating and modal property tracking for vibration-based Structural Health Monitoring (SHM).


The herein reported recommendations are valid in general, but their application has to take into account the peculiar characteristics of the structure under test.


Recommendations and criteria reported in the present document are not compulsory and they have no legal value. The present guidelines, indeed, summarize good practices in order to guide technicians towards field applications of OMA to civil engineering structures.

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