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IOMAC Association

The aims of the association are to study, analyse, and apply operational modal analysis to all types of structures and mechanical systems. To pursue this aim, the IOMAC shall:

  1. Promote the generation and dissemination of technical and scientific information within its field of activity, fomenting the teaching and training at all levels of subjects related to operational modal analysis.

  2. Foment the collaboration and transfer of the results between industry and public as well as private research groups.

  3. Cooperate with administrations and with the groups, associations, and industrial sectors involved, in the preparation and execution of projects related to modal analysis.

  4. Work together with other like societies both national and international in the undertaking of said activities.

  5. Meetings, congresses, conferences, seminars, courses, workshops and exhibitions. In particular, the International Operational Modal Analysis Conference (IOMAC) shall be held every two years.

  6. Editing (printed or electronic) scientific publications and techniques, bulletins, mailing lists or any other means of dissemination or exchange of scientific and technical information.

  7. Awarding of financial assistance and prizes.

  8. General undertaking of any activity that could help in the achievement of the aims set by IOMAC

The IOMAC association was created in 2015 and it is based in Spain. IOMAC has established its official address at:

C/ Pedro Puig Adam s/n. Edificio 7.
Departamento de Construcción e Ingeniería de Fabricación.
University of Oviedo
33204, Spain


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